004 | Should You Do a Quarterly Detox?

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If you listened to Episode 001, or Episode 002, or Episode 003, you’ll recall that we’ve decided to “theme” our discussions by calendar month. And for the month of May, we’re talking about all kinds of Celebrations – how to be intentional about the foods we choose, the boundaries we keep, and the joy we create in the midst of life’s celebrations. Celebrating might seem counter-intuitive to “detoxing” but we talk about how to navigate celebrations if you’re choosing to engage in a short period of focused detox, and also how to change the perspective surrounding it. Detox can actually be a WAY of celebrating your body – all it’s capable of, all it does for you – and a way of celebrating life, health, and new possibilities.

Here’s what we discuss in Episode 004: “Should You Do a Quarterly Detox?”:

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Updates: I talk about how we’re starting the process to renovate our house, primarily to give me a home office and recording studio, and my husband to get his Music Room that he’s always wanted.

This is my current home office / kids playroom situation:

Haley talks about our mom having just been here for a week, so she’s getting back into the swing of things. They picked and ordered the chandelier for Haley’s dining room.

And fixed a painting Haley had done when they moved in but she wasn’t happy with some parts of it. I think it’s absolutely STUNNING. I’m obsessed with it.

My definition of a detox: Strengthening our bodies’ defenses and mitigating the stressors. I use the word interchangeably with the term “re-set.”

Book I mentioned: The 7-Day Detox Miracle. Their protocol is not 100% how I would do it or recommend to folks, but the information about our need for detox and how the body actually does it is a really interesting deep-dive, if you’re into that sort of thing.

Are you talking about taking that stuff out for a short period? … because I’m confused … if our bodies are made to be healthy and have natural detox abilities, what is creating the need for a more focused detox approach?

I go into some examples of all the stressors our body must deal with each day, from our food supply to our environment. Then we connect that toxicity with our brain’s ability to process thoughts and feelings. It can be a vicious cycle.

Haley says physical toxicity can be one factor in dysfunctional behaviors or mood dysregulation, but it’s ONLY one factor, of many.

Our human cells want 3 things: nutrients, communication with each other, and proper elimination (of toxins and their own waste by-products). When the cells aren’t getting one or more those three things, we see dysfunction, both in the body and mind.

Does everyone need to do a “detox”? I think everyone could stand to strengthen their defenses and mitigate the stressors on their body, in some way.

What does a detox look like for me? (10 areas):

Note: This is not a protocol. These are ideas. And it’s not all or nothing.

  1. EAT ACTUAL FOOD. No fasting or juicing. That can actually be stressful for the brain and deprive the body of the nutrients it needs to clean everything up. And get plenty of water (I shoot for ½ bodyweight in ounces). And I add trace mineral drops, lemon juice, and/or sea salt for extra minerals (helps body use the water, so you don’t pee so much).
  2. NO SUGAR OR STARCHY GRAINS. Fruits and vegetables (more veg than fruit due to blood sugar) are helpful for Phase 2 detox due to their antioxidants. Especially sulfur vegetables like radishes, turnips, onions, garlic, celery, horseradish and kale. Also cruciferous like cabbage, brussels, broccoli. Citrus fruits and berries are great. And I do beets daily (or beet juice or beet kvass) for gall bladder and liver support.
  3. EAT PLENTY OF FAT. Essential fatty acids are required for Phase 1 liver detox, as well as for anti-inflaming. I personally do a cod liver oil supplement, add some flaxseed to smoothies or salads (whole or ground myself because flax is very fragile), and I focus on getting enough grass-fed butter, high-quality olive oil (cold not hot), pastured egg yolks, and cold-water fish like wild salmon. I’m vigilant about no rancid, oxidized oils (vegetable, canola, soybean, nothing fried).
  4. FEED THE GUT. With fiber from fruits and vegetables, nuts and seeds for gut bacteria. And with fermented foods at every meal, if possible.
  5. AVOID INFLAMMATORY FOODS. Sugar (real and artificial), gluten/grains, pasteurized dairy (milk, cheese, yogurt, ice cream), alcohol and caffeine. Anything packaged. Cut the stimulants (coffee, energy drinks, soda, and tea except herbal). I add herbal tea daily, especially dandelion root. And I do bone broth daily as well. It works for me to do it as a snack at 4pm. Then tea in the morning and at night.
  6. DAILY MOVEMENT. I walk daily, and stretch + foam roll Also, try to sweat daily. Weightlifting/intervals at least 3 times a week, but no more than 5.
  7. SLEEP. More and better. 10pm – 6am. No screens after 9:30. Get amber glasses.
  8. CLEAN UP THE PRODUCTS. Makeup, sunscreens, detergents, deodorants, perfumes. And I do some skin brushing after the shower.
  9. MINIMIZE THE MEDS. Obviously, do this with a doctor, but where there is a choice, consider choosing supplements or other natural support over over-the-counter meds. And talk to your docs to make sure you’re on the lowest dose necessary for anything they’ve prescribed. Supplements I take: cod liver oil, probiotic, digestive enzymes, whole-food vit C, garlic tablets, milk thistle. I do a topical magnesium oil + Epsom salt baths at night.
  10. UNWIND EVERY DAY. For me, that’s reading an actual book. No distractions of the internet. Epsom salt bath. Talking to my husband at night with tea.


How often do you do a detox or re-set period? And for how long? I think quarterly is a good flow. My group coaching members will do January, April, July, and October in 2019. But for this first year of the program, we are only doing 3: we did 1 in January, we’ll do the next one in June, and then a third in October.

There’s no GOOD time to do a detox. There’s always something. How can we still be social?


Let us know if you decide to do a focused “detox” or “re-set” or if you incorporate any of these suggestions into your week! What does “detox” mean to you? Post in the Nourish Joy Podcast Community on Facebook or send an email to podcast@meghandorman.com. We love to hear from you!

Highlight-Lowlight: We switch off each week, and this time Haley is up for the Highlight.

Haley’s Highlight: She hasn’t started yet, but her new plan for “nourishing more joy” is to make space for once-a-month Beach Fridays. #selfcare

Meghan’s Lowlight: Not taking care of my voice. Old injury from nodules on my vocal cords has flared up again. Need to go back and revisit a protocol given to me by one of my nutrition professors back in school. And also, stop screaming when I coach at CrossFit.

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Happy Thursday! Let us know what you thought about this week’s episode on detoxing. Have a nourishing and joyful weekend!


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