005 | 3 Things We Would Say To Our Younger Selves About Memorial Day

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If you listened to the previous episodes (Episode 001, Episode 002, Episode 003, or Episode 004), you’ll recall that we “theme” our discussions by calendar month. And for the month of May, we’ve been talking about all kinds of Celebrations – how to be intentional about the foods we choose, the boundaries we keep, and the joy we create in the midst of life’s celebrations.

Here’s what we discuss in Episode 005: “3 Things We Would Say To Our Younger Selves About Memorial Day”:

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Updates: Last week, I shared a photo of our current playroom/home office hybrid situation and talked about starting a renovation to create a more private workplace. This week, the update is … that there is no update. Our contractor hasn’t been responding for a few days and my poor hubby is losing sleep.

Not really an update, but more a public service announcement, I talked about how I had shared the home remedy we use for earaches / ear infections on Instagram Stories: garlic oil. This brand is called Herbs for Kids, but there are many others. You can buy on Amazon or look at your local health food store.

Haley talked about how her Little Man has taken up screeching at the top of his lungs. They’ve tried “no touch, no talk, no eye contact;” tried empathy; tried yelling back a couple times! If you have suggestions, we’re all ears in the Facebook group.

3 Things We Would Say To Our Younger Selves on Memorial Day:

  1. Remember the reason for the holiday. We talked about how this posture of gratitude and consciousness can set you up for better decisions throughout the whole rest of the day. Not everybody is off work on Monday, but for those who are, it’s not JUST a day off work, it’s a celebration of life and freedom! The government commemorates the day by raising the American flag briskly to the top of the pole, then lowering it solemnly to half-mast to honor the more than one million men and women who have died in service to our country. At noon, the flag is raised back up to full staff symbolizing the rest of us “rising up” in their stead to continue fighting for liberty and justice for all. It’s a beautiful picture.

Haley mentioned setting an alarm on her phone, so she can actually be present with that moment at 12:00. We’ll do the same so we can make it a teaching moment with our kiddos.

  1. Don’t you dare not go to something because you are not happy with your body. Bodies are tools for living life, for making memories, for loving others, for serving. You can’t do any of those things well if you are hiding because you don’t like how your triceps look in a tank top. Go to the pool. Go to the office barbecue. Take the invitation to go out on the boat. Be with people. Be outside. Laugh. Be seen. Because You.Are.Valuable. Period.
  2. Have fun with real food. It’s not a punishment to avoid foods that don’t nourish you or serve you. It’s a celebration of life and freedom! You can have fun with real, whole ingredients. Here is a round-up of some of my favorites, perfect for Memorial Day.


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Highlight-Lowlight: We switch off each week, and this time I’m up for the Highlight.

Meghan’s Highlight: 5 year old daughter said at the dinner table, “Mama, you always know the right thing to say about nutrition … and when we’re scared.”

Haley’s Lowlight: Her Little Man has been screaming his face off lately, often for no apparent reason. She screamed back at him the other day, “My life does not revolve around you!” (Personally, I don’t see the big deal. My kids have heard way worse.)  😊

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Let us know what you thought about this week’s episode on Memorial Day. Have a nourishing and joyful weekend!


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