006 | Nourishing Yourself and Your Family Now That School’s Out

Episode 006: Nourishing Yourself & Your Family Now That School’s Out

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If you listened to the previous episodes (Episode 001, Episode 002, Episode 003, Episode 004, or Episode 005), you’ll recall that we “theme” our discussions by calendar month. And for the month of May, we’ve been talking about all kinds of Celebrations – how to be intentional about the foods we choose, the boundaries we keep, and the joy we create in the midst of life’s celebrations.

Here’s what we discuss in Episode 006: “Nourishing Yourself & Your Family Now That School’s Out”:

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Updates: I talked in my lowlight on Episode 004, about having nodules on my vocal cords. Finally treating this like a real injury and creating an actual protocol instead of just hoping they will go away, like I’ve been doing for the last two years.

Also! The June Challenge is coming! If you would like some motivation, inspiration and accountability to take a more focused approach to your health goals this month, this could be the group for you! You’ll have meal plans, shopping lists and workouts at your fingertips plus weekly calls with me where you can get all your questions answered. Not to mention, the support of a bunch of awesome like-minded women who are doing it along with you. CLICK HERE for more info and to register!

Haley has still not done yoga (from Episode 003) despite all your wonderful suggestions in the Facebook group, but she’s going to start TONIGHT. Rip the band-aid.

They are still working on consistency with regard to Little Man’s random screaming episodes. But shout-out to her Haley’s part-time nanny who taught him to put his little finger up to his lips and go, “Shh-Shh-Shh” – which seems to be helping! #takesavillage

4 Areas to Focus on When Feeding Yourself (& Your Kiddos) In the Summer, Now That School’s Out:

#1 – Packing Lunches When You’re Away From the House (for kids going to day camps, or for road trips, or all-day outings like zoo/beach/pool/theme parks)

  • 3 main macronutrients = Proteins, Fats, Carbohydrates
  • Proteins that travel well: organic, nitrate-free lunchmeat like Applegate, organic hot dogs in a thermos, salmon/tuna/chicken salad (make your own mayo or look for Primal Kitchen brand) inside avocado or tomato; nuts/seeds; yogurt; hard-boiled or deviled eggs, meatballs, baked chicken thighs/legs, hummus
  • Fats = guacamole or avocado, olives, mayo/ranch, hard-boiled eggs, bacon, steak, salmon, nut butter (apple sandwiches), salami, homemade muffins/scones; omelet roll-ups
  • Carbohydrates = fruits and vegetables like citrus (cuties travel well), grapes, apples, whole bananas, berries, carrots, cucumbers, red peppers, cherry tomatoes (anything on a skewer). Blanched broccoli is a little more fun to eat than straight raw.


#2 – At-Home Summer Feeding Schedule

  • Fullness scale is helpful for kids and adults (from 0/starving to 10/stuffed). Wait until you’re about a 3 to eat; stop when you’re around a 7. Be mindful. Chew thoroughly and slowly. Eat nutrient-dense food that will send fullness signals to your brain (unlike hyper-salty or sweet processed foods, which bypass the fullness signals).
  • Set schedule for meals and snacks because we all (kids and adults) need to learn to manage boredom, manage hunger, and delay gratification as basic life skills.


#3 – Manage Expectations for Treats

  • “The Summer” is a little too long for everything to be special. Pick and choose ahead of time where treats will come into play and set the expectation ahead of time (with yourself and/or little ones). If there is conflict, one of our parenting mantras is, “You will not agree with my answer but I’ll be happy to tell you why. …. I told you you wouldn’t agree, the answer is still no.”
  • “Try On a Yes” for something other than treat foods. The treat can be the experience. It doesn’t always need nutrient-poor food in order to make it special. The experience itself is special.


#4 – Nutrient-Dense Cold Treats can be a great way to “punch up” the nutrition of the day, during the summertime when our bodies naturally want more cold foods.

  • Hiding veggies and other superfoods should not be our ONLY strategy for getting them in. We still want to be training our own (and our little ones’) palates to tolerate and even enjoy more natural and bitter flavors like those in leafy greens or fermented foods.
  • But it definitely works! HERE is a round-up of healthy popsicles and HERE are some homemade ice cream recipes. THIS is the ice cream maker we use at home!


Let us know what your favorite tip was from this episode re: feeding yourself or little ones this summer! Post in the Nourish Joy Podcast Community on Facebook or send an email to podcast@meghandorman.com. We love to hear from you!

Highlight-Lowlight: We switch off each week, and this time Haley’s up for the Highlight.

Haley’s Highlight: She had a monster to-do list that she and her husband worked together and tackled this week and all those things that seemed so overwhelming are DONE, and it feels so good.

Meghan’s Lowlight: I started doing 100 squats a day a little over a month ago, but I’ve missed a lot of days. Eric always asks me every day, “Have you done them yet?” And this week he was out of town for work and while we were on the phone, I told him I hadn’t done them in 2 (maybe 3) days and he goes, “You can’t be trusted!” I don’t do it for him. So, I don’t want to need him to be checking up on me in order to stay committed to the thing I set out to do. So, I’m re-committing to doing them, for myself, and it needs to be first thing in the morning, before I do anything else, so I don’t forget or start making excuses as the day wears on.

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Let us know what you thought about this week’s episode on Memorial Day.

Have a nourishing and joyful weekend!


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