007 | Craft Your Dating Story

Episode 007: Craft Your Dating Story

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If you listened to previous episodes, you’ll recall that we “theme” our discussions by calendar month. And for the month of June, we’re talking about Relationships – specifically, marriages or romantic relationships that might be headed there. But a lot of what we talk about this month is applicable to other family and friend relationships as well. We’re starting this month’s episodes off with a discussion on How to Know If Your Partner Is (Or Is STILL) The One.

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Here’s what we discuss in Episode 007: “Why & How to Craft Your Dating Story”:

Our tip this week is to actually write down every detail you can remember from your Dating Story — the time from when you first met to when you got married (or even up to present day).

Robert Sternberg posits a Triangular Theory of Love:

  • Intimacy – closeness, connectedness, bondedness
  • Passion – drive that leads to romance and physical attraction, or also refers to the excitement, the fun, the playful energy
  • Commitment – the decision to love another person and to continue loving them


At any given point, it’s okay if we’re existing more in one side of the triangle than others (i.e., there are some seasons of strict Commitment, where passion or Intimacy might be lacking). That’s normal, but we’re working toward having all three sides of the triangle eventually intact.

Listen to the full episode for Meg & Eric’s Dating Story!

When you write your story, focus on the initial things that attracted you to this person (physical and otherwise); recall details from some of your first interactions together; note how and why things shifted, or important milestones.

It’s fun to remember those details and those memories, but the intention is to re-live what made you fall in love with this person — the truest choice you could make, because that decision was before the mess, before the hurt.

The details of what made you fall for each other also show your partner what things about them were important to you, and how you can preserve those attributes (physical, personality, habits, etc.) to keep (or re-gain) intimacy.

The Dating Story creates the foundation of who you are as a couple, and gives you something to go back to again and again as you navigate conflict or seasons of feeling disconnected.

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Meghan’s Highlight: It rained all week the week the kids got out of school — except for one sunny afternoon the day we reconnected with some old friends. We picked up right where we left off after years of not seeing each other.

Haley’s Lowlight: She tries not to watch the news much, but this week, it just felt very heavy — school shootings, racial disparity, sexual misconduct. She found herself feeling small and overwhelmed. The fix is to refocus on what we CAN do — be as sensitive, as informed and as loving as possible, especially as we model these attitudes and behaviors for our little ones.

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Let us know what you thought about this week’s episode on creating your own Dating Story.
Have a nourishing and joyful weekend!


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