010 | Personality Tendencies According to Myers Briggs

Episode 010: Personality Tendencies According to Myers Briggs

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Quick reminder of the dream team that makes all this happen:

If you listened to previous episodes, you’ll recall that we “theme” our discussions by calendar month. And for the month of June, we’re talking about Relationships – specifically, marriages or romantic relationships that might be headed there. But a lot of what we talk about this month is applicable to other family and friend relationships as well. (Catch up with Episode 007, Episode 008, and Episode 009).

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Updates: I mentioned in Episode 008 how excited I was to start working with Beautycounter! — a beauty products company dedicated to getting safer products into the hands of everyone. They have safe versions of everything from sunscreen to makeup to kids and baby products, but my current obsession is the overnight resurfacing “no-peel” peel . This is the product I had a “peel party” for so people could try it and wake up the next morning feeling the difference right away. It’s incredible on the backs of my arms and hands, too.

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Here’s what we discuss in Episode 010 – Personality Tendencies According to Myers Briggs:

If you want to take a free version of the test for yourself, you can find one here at 16 Personalities.

The four categories are:

  • I / E – Introvert or Extrovert
    • Based on how we process thoughts (internally vs externally) as well as how we gain our energy (with others or alone)
  • S / N – Sensing or Intuition
    • Sensing personalities tend to be more concrete thinkers (They ask “How”). Intuiting personalities tend to be more abstract thinkers (They ask “Why”).
  • T / F – Thinker or Feeler
    • This is the only category where gender seems to play a role — approximately 75% of females test as “Feelers” and 25% of males test as “Feelers.” This has to do with how we make decisions. Be careful not to equate “Feelers” with being “sensitive” and not to equate “Thinkers” as being intelligent. Those are separate traits and can belong to either Thinkers or Feelers.
  • J / P – Judging or Perceiving
    • J’s tend to value structure, whereas P’s tend to value spontaneity.


Rules for navigating personality differences:

  1. There is no right or wrong tendency. It’s analogous to being right- or left-handed. One is not better; they are just different.
  2. Sometimes we have to use “our left hand” or operate in a tendency that’s opposite of our natural inclination in order to show love to our partner.
  3. Use this Myers Briggs language to communicate your needs (i.e., “I’m thinking about this abstractly and you’re in concrete-mode,” or “You’re introverting and it’s making me feel like you don’t really care”).


This week, take the free test and identify your Myers Briggs Personality Typing. Use it to understand yourself and your partner better as you communicate this week. Let us know your results over in the Nourish Joy Podcast Community on Facebook. Or send an email to podcast@meghandorman.com. We SERIOUSLY love to hear from you!

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Have a Nourishing and Joyful weekend!


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