011 | Sun Exposure & Safer Sunscreens

Episode 011: Sun Exposure & Safer Sunscreens

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Today marks the first episode in July, where we’ll be talking about How to Get Started Detoxing Your Life. We’re starting with Sun Exposure & Safer Sunscreens.

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Updates: Eric and I are headed to Africa at the end of this month for a mission trip with our church! It is just around the corner but at the same time, it still doesn’t feel real yet.

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Here’s what we discuss in Episode 011 – Sun Exposure & Safer Sunscreens:
We introduced our perspective surrounding the language and mindset of a “detox” in Episode 004: Should You Do a Quarterly Detox. And this month, we’re talking more about the toxins lurking in our homes and personal care products, and how we might go about cleaning those up in a way that feels doable and not so overwhelming.

Here are the 3 main points we made in this episode regarding the Sun & Sunscreens:

  1. Conventional sunscreens can be dangerous
    • Environmental Working Group and Consumer Reports have both warned about the health risks of conventional sunscreens, especially on kids.
    • Despite increased use of sunscreens and decreased time outside, skin cancer rates continue to increase.
    • The two ways sunscreens can protect us from UV damage: by creating a physical barrier (with a mineral like zinc oxide or titanium dioxide) or a chemical one (with ingredients like oxybenzone or avobenzone — known hormone disruptors).
    • The danger of over-using sunblockers at all has to do with blunting our body’s ability to manufacture Vitamin D. Vitamin D deficiency has been linked to many types of chronic disease including heart disease and all type of cancer.
  2. What to look for in a sunscreen
    • Active ingredients: Make sure that if the package says “mineral-based” sunscreen that those minerals are not also MIXED WITH other chemical ingredients you are trying to avoid.
    • Non-Nano Particles: Nano-sized particles are too small; they can be absorbed through the blood stream and through the lungs and cause problems of their own. You want “NON-nano” sized particles of mineral ingredients like zinc.
    • Inactive ingredients: Even some of the “natural” sunscreens contain toxic ingredients like parabens, pthalates, sodium laurel/laureth sulfate, and synthetic fragrances.
    • Check brands and/or individual ingredients for their rating in the Environmental Working Group’s Skin Deep database. There is also an app you can download on your device so you can scan barcodes and look up ingredients while you’re shopping or on-the-go.
    • This is a great article from Goop on The 8 Best Clean Sunscreens.
  3. How to decide whether to DIY, risk the conventional formulas, or spend up for the safer products
  4. What my family does 
    • We support from the inside — avoid inflammatory vegetable oils, processed grains and sugar; take Vitamin D3, Vitamin C and cod liver oil; get plenty of natural fats in our diet every day from coconut oil, grass-fed beef and butter, and wild-caught seafood.
    • We also get a few minutes of unprotected sun every day to build up our body’s Vitamin D stores and natural protection from burning
    • After that, we cover up or seek shade.
    • And if we can’t (because we’re out on the boat, or at a theme park), we use a mineral-based sunscreen with no other synthetic or harmful ingredients (like fragrances or preservatives) from Beautycounter. They have a face stick that my kids stand still for, a body lotion that rubs right in, and a new zinc-based spray that is so easy to use. Their new Countersun products protect not only from UVA and UVB rays but also from potentially damaging “blue light” from the sun.
    • And I almost always wear a hat to protect from photo-aging.


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Meghan’s Highlight: I took the kids to Adventure Island by myself this week, and to a part of the park where I had previously had a scare with losing sight of my daughter for a few minutes. This time, we talked about it, made a plan, and I was able to sit near the (only) exit to that play area and relax while watching them play — despite constantly losing sight of them — with no anxiety or fear.

Haley’s Lowlight: She came to a party at my house that I had for the release of Beautycounter’s new overnight resurfacing “no-peel” peel (my latest obsession) and heard me mention how careful I had been about the products I put on the kids, especially when they were little. She had a moment of fear and shame thinking about the conventional diaper cream she had used on her kiddo a couple times, but was quickly able to let go of it and just focus on what she wants to do going forward. We want to be educated but at the same time, not live in fear. Onward …

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Have a Nourishing and Joyful weekend!


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