Free 10-Day Challenge

Hello! Welcome to the first step in joining our FREE 10-day challenge.

Hopefully you’ve already listened to Episode 47 of the Nourish Joy podcast, where we explain the concept of the “Heavy Bat” strategy, why we’re doing this challenge and how to choose your focus area for the 10 days. If not, use the player above and listen now!

If you’re ready to follow along with us, just drop your name and email below and you’ll be added to our community of folks ready to take this fun and revealing step toward creating more joy in our lives.


  1. Choose ONE area in your life where you would like to see improvement (or foster more joy): more intimacy in your marriage, more quality time with your kids, more energy during the day, more control over your food choices, more SLEEP!
  2. Once you’ve chosen the one focus area, you’ll choose ONE step you can commit to taking every single day for 10 days (long kiss with your spouse every single morning for 10 days, sex every day for 10 days, dinner or breakfast as a family every day for 10 days, drink 75+ ounces of water every day for 10 days, do not yell at anyone for any reason for 10 days … these are all just ideas to get your juices flowing!)
  3. Sign up for the challenge below!

You’ll receive one email a day for 10 days with all the motivation and encouragement you need to keep going on your quest, plus some updates and stories about how Haley and I are doing on ours as well. As always, respond to any email from me. We love to hear from you!

Talk to you on Monday, April 29 … DAY ONE!

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