Welcome, New Members!

Here are some initial resources to get you started using your Thrive Alliance membership to its full advantage right away.

Four times a year, we do group Challenges together: January (New Year), April (Spring Detox), July (Summer Glow), October (“Healthy For the Holidays”). You can jump in anytime, even if we’re already in the middle of one. Just head to the Challenge page to see what’s up currently. You can do them just for fun, or enter officially and keep track of points for a chance to win some awesome prizes!

If we’re not doing a Challenge, there’s still tons of great info inside this Members Area, including past Wellness Bundle trainings and resources, and the Motivation Journal to help you hone in on your specific goals and make a plan to get there. We also do a live coaching call for Q&A in the third week of every month, delivered via Zoom (you’ll get the details via email).

Stay engaged, and you can’t help but succeed.

Step #1

Join the private Facebook group and INTRODUCE YOURSELF when you get in there, so we can give you a proper welcome!

Step #2

Download the Motivation Journal, read my opening letter to you, and fill out the first few sections: Rating Your 6 Key Areas, Vision Casting, SMART Goals, and Steps To Take. Commit to adding to your journal each day for 30 days.

Step #3

Go grab this month’s Wellness Bundle!

Step #4

Check out the Resources page for all the downloadable checklists and guides you need to optimize your healthy lifestyle.

Step #5

Shoot me an email so we can connect! Tell me how you found this program … what your goals are … your biggest concerns … whatever you’re comfortable sharing. I so look forward to getting to know you!